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Hello, I’m Blessing The Bear mascot for Blessing New Iberia. I was born August 29, 2016, along with the bayou banks of Bayou Teche. As a small cub, I remember my pop’s telling me you are destined my child to help others in the world. I thought what did he mean by that comment help people. one day I was walking to the grocery I walked in and realized an elderly lady needed help bringing her groceries to her car. I jumped into action by putting all her bags into her car. Later that night I thought how much fun it would be to bless others. I’m the easiest bear to find you’ll find me hanging out by the basketball courts working on my jump shot are practicing my passing with friends. When I’m not playing basketball I love to walk around my town blessing the town with hugs and bringing everyone joy. You’ll always see me dancing are hugging someone. When I’m not helping blessing new Iberia I love to DJ in my free time.my favorite thing about being blessing New Iberia mascot is that after every event I get a tall vanilla latte and a big jar honey for the road trip back to the woods.